Monday, July 11, 2005

What he said...the coup continues.

I am including this link to Fr. Mark Harris' blog Preludium because he says so well what is happening in the re-alingnment movement. I have said earlier that these groups know they cannot win through the own constitutional processes, and so they want to either create new ones or override existing ones or both. A recent release from the AAC claiming a victory out of the last ACC meeting, indicated their frustration with Anglican Consultative Council as the most liberal of bodies. It is also the only international body within Anglicanism that actually functions synodically, and has an actual constitution. They would like the Primates to be the sole authority, especially because most Primates in the Anglican Communion come form provinces where the elected councils are weak.

The realingment movement is succeeding. The coup rolls on. We are only now waking up to that fact.

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