Thursday, June 29, 2006

Clavier: The Elephant's Spore

Fr. Tony Clavier writes a very useful reflection on the current post-Convention manueverings.

"It is true that some traditionalist scholars who belong to the “Anglican Communion Institute” have urged conservatives to follow the Archbishop’s suggestions. Some conservatives have attacked them for this stand. Many who have reacted against +Rowan’s thesis, from the left and the right, object that his style is too obscure and academic. There you have it. The language of instant communication and action isn’t the language of either theological or spiritual reflection. It’s the shrill language of the hustings, of political parties and legislative bodies, of lobbies and pressure groups. In learning the language of contemporary political action we have forgotten the language of Zion.

"Perhaps I favor the Archbishop’s call for us to reflect on the nature and mission of Anglicanism with patience because I am less disturbed than many about what happened at General Convention. Most Episcopalians, I would guess, have only the dimmest recollection of what occurred in Columbus, Ohio a couple of weeks ago. Few could recite or even attempt to recite the catalog of resolutions and revisions printed out on enough paper to re-forest hundreds of square miles. Few understand the jargon -815 Mandarin – or the acronyms employed. Episcopalians love their parish, distrust their diocese, and dislike the national church and thus re-enact their attitude to politicians and parties, presidents and Congress."

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