Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Day One: The Best Part of the Best Part

The best part of today's work was the worship--although worship in a convention hall does not lend itself to the kind of holy silence or swelling music we are used to at Trinity, Easton! The best part of the best part is the post-sermon discussions. I don't know who put the tables together, but I have the most diverse and interesting group of people. Some of whom are well known as to both their ministries and their positions on things, but we all share a desire to both listen to share the love of Jesus with one another and the world.

(One things I want to note: I feel that I should not share their names without their persmission. Also, while I don't think anyone will share anything that is particularly private or confidential in this kind of setting, I also feel that it would be inappropriate to repeat even anonymously what others say at the table. I would feel pretty angry if I thought that my sharing would become fodder for someone elses blog.)

I notice that a few of the chairs at our table are empty, which makes me wonder if there aren't two or three folks absenting themselves. I hope not, because they are the ones truly losing out. If you see anyone with the number 168 drinking a cup of coffee or somehow staying away, tell them I said "come and sit with us, we miss you!"

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