Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One Last Shot

Today is the last day of General Convention. After 6 p.m. tonight, what's done is done and what's not is not. We start out with the Eucharist and get to hear from our new Presiding Bishop who is the preacher today. I am looking forward to this because I really don't know Bishop Jefferts Schori and am interested in what she has to say to the Church.

We also have a "special order of business." Bishop Griswold and the House of Bishops will come to the house to do some work together around the remaining Windsor related resolutions. I think this reflects the desire on the part of both Bishop Griswold and Bishop Schori to get out of General Convention with a solid response to the Lambeth Commission on Communion.

The Center finally found a voice yesterday after considerable frustration. We missed the news cycle, which is too bad, because if the reporters go away then our job in describing what we're actually doing will be that much harder. But that's okay. I have hope that we are on the right track.

Right track or not, today is the day. We have one last shot.

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