Friday, June 16, 2006

Taken out to the ball game

Last night, Jan and Dan Charney from Trinity, Easton, took me and another deputy out to the ball game. Columbus has a minor league team, the Clippers, associated with the New York Yankees. It was a great game, with a dramatic 2-out, bottom of the ninth, tie-breaking, 2 run play. The Clippers beat the Ottowa Lynx (assoiated with the Orioles) 5-3. We had great seats right behind home plate, just on the first base line. The weather was perfect. I don't know which is more fun, watching the game or watching the people watching the game. And yes, I had peanuts and cracker jack, even though I paid for them myself.

It was a long legislative day and I found myself needing to breathe non-air-conditioned air and be among people who did not know about resolutions, the Windsor Report, and did not carry around thick notebooks.

It is not that what we do here is disconnected or unrelated to the real world. Quite the contrary, we need to remember all the time that what do in the councils of the church is on behalf of the world, to bring Christ to people whom Christ seeks and who seek Christ. It is important, just the same, not to be too myopic.

Just as Christ is with us in the faces, relationships, sacraments, and stories we share in Convention, Jesus was at the ballpark, too. I saw the face of Jesus and the faces Jesus loves all over the ballpark.

Besides, it good to get out and recharge. Now...back to work!

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