Monday, February 19, 2007

Listening in on Dar es Salaam

This past week at Trinity Church there is a whole lot of church going on. The Primates Meeting took place in the week before Lent, and many other things are going on in the parish.

The good news is that others are better equipped than me to do call the plays and do the color commentary than I am. There have been so many in the blogosphere who have done an excellent job of keeping up with what's what and helping us know what it means. Among them the many, here the ones I have read the most often: The Daily Episcopalian, epiScope, Titusonenine, Raspberry Rabbit, The Cartoon Blog, Thinking Anglicans, Fr. Jake, MadPriest, Inch at a Time, Mark Harris and, although I think she can be at times the most speculative of the bunch, Ruth Gledhill. Everyone linked to lots of other folks. It is almost too numerous to name.

The blog I have enjoyed the most, the one that has given the best flavor for what was like to be in Dar es Salaam has been the Inclusive Church blog. Scott Gunn posted lots of pictures as well as giving very fine descriptions of the people of Tanzania and the texture of the culture.

If you have not read them, then please check them out. And if you want to get an idea of how things unfolded, you can go back as many days as you like to see how news and impressions unfolded.

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