Friday, February 23, 2007

Proof-Texting by Professionals

Inclusive Church blog has noticed that the proof-texting has begun as predicted.
I wrote that the conservatives in Dar es Salaam were spitting mad. Now back home, it seems that some of them are planning to just ignore the whole communique. This will get interesting. Example one: The AMiA says, in part:

We remain thankful that the AMiA enjoys a secure home in the Province of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda and the assurances of our Archbishop that this will not change without our request and/or consent.
Uhm. Oh-kay.

But, wait, there's more! seems that +Peter Akinola couldn't be bothered to read the communique either. Maybe he was in the conservatives' war room when some of this was discussed. Now it seems he's going around talking about a cessation of "same sex marriage" and the ordination of "homosexuals." Um, +Peter, the communique doesn't address either one.
See also Mark Harris' take on AMiA's spin.

Finally, in case of non-compliance, break window. The AAC says they have opened--I am not making this up--The Communique Compliance Office. (Hat tip to Entangled States for this.)
"[T]he AAC also announced this week its formation of a Communiqué Compliance Office, which will monitor TEC’s acts of compliance and non-compliance with respect to the primates’ requirements throughout the period leading up to the Sept. 30 deadline."
Somehow I doubt they'll have in stock any forms in triplicate to record cross-province incursions.

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