Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bishop Epting on the HOB Actions

Bishop Christopher Epting has written three pieces on his blog That We All May Be One. They are all well worth reading because he was present at both the Primates Meeting last month and the House of Bishops meeting this past week.

What I Told the Primates
As ecumenical officer, I travel all across the United States and I do not recognize the church they describe. I find Episcopalians generally more orthodox and less divided that what you have just heard.
However, I must say, in all humility but with complete honesty, that – at least in the States – we have been treated with more charity by our ecumenical and interfaith partners than we have by some in our own Anglican Communion! No national dialogues have been terminated, or even missed a beat, because of our current difficulties.
Self Differentiation and Communion
The debates and decisions were carried out without rancor and by strong majorities. If anyone has any doubts about where the bishops of this Church stand, the communication you will see in the next several days should make that clear.
What the Bishops Didn't Do
What we did NOT do was to foreclose discussion on the Episcopal Church’s response to the main requests of the Primates’ Communique.

We had to make our mind known on this because the appointment process to the proposed “Pastoral Council” is already underway and our Presiding Bishop needed some kind of guidance as to whether or not to appoint the minority of members the Episcopal Church is supposed to provide to this novel and quite unnecessary proposed body.

What the Episcopal Church’s bishops did not do is claim some kind of prelacy like the Primates have done, and to act in a high handed manner not permissible under the polity of either the Episcopal Church or the Anglican Communion.

Read them all.

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