Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, Sports Fans, tell me who holds the longest winning streak in American college sports?

UCLA with their 88-game unbeaten streak in men's basketball in 1971-73 don't hold the record. They are only third in line.

Right now, the longest winning streak in college sports is held by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill women's soccer team of the early 1990's with 92 games.

But maybe only a for a few more days.

It may be that this weekend, the title will pass to a new team. Will it go to a traditional powerhouse school? That depends on how you define "powerhouse."

This weekend, the mighty Northampton Community College women's softball team, of Bethlehem, PA, currently 90-0 since April 24, 2004, plays Montgomery College-Rockville for a three game stand at home. If the weather and their luck holds, then NCC--who has already surpassed UCLA, will take the title for longest streak from UNC.

NCC is a two year community college. Think about that. Small school. Local students. Faster turnover of team members. I hope ESPN and others pick this up and give the women of NCC their due. But no matter what happens, or who notices, it is a remarkable achievement. For a team to accompish this, it takes the right combination of talent, skill, teamwork, coaching and, above all, confidence. I hope these young women are having a blast and appreciate their accomplishment.

Go, Spartans, go!

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