Thursday, April 19, 2007

Café Anyone?

The Episcopal Café is now open!

The Episcopal Café is sponsored by the Diocese of Washington, in partnership with The Episcopal Church in the Visual Arts. The editorial board includes staff members of the Diocese of California, the Diocese of Texas and Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is a collaborative of 29 people who contribute plus an editorial board (who are all laypeople except for Dean Knisely). I am happy and humbled to be among the contributors and the news group. Jim Nauhgton from the Diocese of Washington has carried the Daily Episcopalian since it's "Blog of Daniel" days and turned it into a solid source of reasoned insight and information. He along with the rest of the editorial board and sponsors have taken the next step into a new kind Episcopal internet publication. Not just an internet site, and more than a blog with a viewpoint, it will be a true internet magazine.

From the Lead:
To the extent that we can speak intelligently, passionately, persuasively and truthfully—and to the degree that we manifest wisdom, humility and genuine concern for those we disagree with—we will succeed in drawing Episcopalians more deeply into their faith, and in persuading those without a spiritual home to explore our Church.
Bookmark the main page here.

You can also get RSS feeds for The Lead, The Daily Episcopalian and Speaking to the Soul.

Whether you like your Café strong, earthy, rich, aromatic, or smooth, you will find it along with engaged, interested, committed Christian internet community here. I believe that this project will show off the best of what the Episcopal Church has to offer.

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