Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bishop Gene goes to Washington

Updated: Bishop Gene Robinson wrote on his blog, which he started for Lambeth but reactived for the inauguration, to share a glimpse of what it was like for him to give the invocation at the "We Are One" concert Sunday. He mentions only in passing the news that he was moved ahead of the broadcast and nothing of the subsequent flap and appearing to be censored.

Here is the link to his post...please go read it. Here a some pictures from Susan Russell's blog.

Here is Rachel Maddows report on what happened and how Obama's team will try to make it right. As you can tell from my rant yesterday I was very...disappointed.

The thing I appreciate about Bishop Gene's description is his ability to be present in even a rarefied situation. When others (like me) would be doing reasonable imitations of goldfish, he appears to have kept his cool. Which seems to be a trait he shared with the president-elect.

The other thing is that Obama people stepped up, saw their (HBOs?) mistake and took responsibility to fix it. If things go according to plan, his invocation will be heard on the Mall again today when the concern is re-played (in full) on jumbotrons scattered about the Mall.

So now, let's take time to pray, watch and pray some more for our nation on this historic day.

Update Here is Bishop Robinson on The Daily Show:

Here is Bishop Gene's blog post describing his experience of inauguration day.

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