Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Share the Bread"

I have just started a new blog that I hope all of you will check out. It is called "Share the Bread" and it is the blog of the Evangelism Commission of the Diocese of Bethlehem. I am very excited about it.

Bethlehem in Hebrew means "house of bread" and we croutons (as we call ourselves) are committed to sharing Good News. Our mission statement is "Live God's love: tell what you have seen and heard."

The purpose of "Share the Bread" is to share and live God's love by telling, showing and pointing to what we have seen and heard.

We believe that every Christian is called to share Good News. Our job is to equip the equippers--the congregations, clergy and laity--of the diocese to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in northeast Pennsylvania and all around the world.

"Share the Bread" will highlight both the work of the diocese in evangelism and also share ideas, resources, articles, news stories and discussion starters so that you may become a more proficient and eager sharer of the bread of life.

Our Commission's mission statement is also a prayer, the collect for evangelism written by our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Paul Marshall.
Holy God, your Son called us to wrap the whole world in your saving embrace. By your Holy Spirit give us compassion, purpose and energy to invite into your Church those who do not yet know the transforming power of your love. We ask this through Him who has brought us from darkness to light, your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
We will soon be launching on ChurchPost a corresponding e-newsletter also called "Share the Bread" which will highlight articles, activities, tips and news of evangelism ministries within the diocese.

One of our goals as the Evangelism Commission is to bring timely, relevant and useful training and teaching on evangelism as close as possible to the congregations that need it. I think this blog and the accompanying newsletter will help us do that.

So far, here is what we have posted:
  • "Beating the Boundaries". About our upcoming Evangelism/Stewardship workshop on April 25th with Terry Parsons.
  • I am Episcopalian: Announcing the new microsite containing short videos of people "sharing their deep, personal connections to the big, wide, vibrant church that we are."
  • Kingston: A sign of Faith: An account of the experience of Grace Church, Kingston, PA as they utilize a digital billboard to advertise their church, particularly this last Ash Wednesday.
  • Unbinding the Gospel Project. This last convention, we gave every parish and every priest a copy of the book Unbinding the Gospel, with the goal that every parish undertake a study of that book. Here is an update of the project and news of interactive on-line group initiated by the UBG Project.
  • A Refreshing Welcome: A fun piece about how two New Orleans churches found a way to use their rest rooms to market their churches during this past Mardi Gras.
Come and join us as we "Share the Bread."

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