Sunday, July 26, 2009


The Times reports that the Blackburn Cathedral will offer three percent of their worshipers (and their Bishop and Dean) communion bread specially consecrated by boys whenever a female priest celebrates the Eucharist. This way, I presume, these boys won't get "cooties."

They need not be ashamed. A vaccine is available. Here is what you need to do to get the "cooties shot."

Before you go to receive communion from a girl say the following:
circle, circle
dot, dot
now you've got the cootie shot
To be liturgically correct and clinically most effective, have another person use their index finger and draw the circles and dots on your forearm.

Here is an instructional video.

Now the Bishop and Dean of Blackburn and the six people in their Sunday worship will not have to worry about getting cooties from the Sacrament.


JimB said...

They get 6 people? Wow! Is CoE studying their advanced evangelism approach?



Ginny said...

Do I perform the ritual backwards to negate boy cooties??

Fr Craig said...

Andy - thanks, Lord, the things I've forgotten! Brilliant solution.