Monday, December 01, 2014

New tricks, same old dog

Someone asked me via e-mail how it was going with the Episcopal Cafe. Here is what I said.

I was the Monday newshound on the first day out of the new blog but I started pre-posting late last night. 
Remember that old Far Side cartoon of Rex the dog riding a unicycle on a high-wire in front of a hushed crowd while juggling, balancing a goldfish bowl on his head and using a hula hoop...? Well, just call me Rex. 
I am an old dog and this is a new trick! 
I thought I knew WordPress pretty well, but getting to know this new platform has been interesting... I know that good folks who are managing the back end are working hard and that Jon has my back. All day I saw improvements happening while I watched. 
As the day went on I either got (or muttered) comments like:

This is too slow...
Why does it do this?...
But it looked on fine on mine....!
Did you try clearing the cache?
Well. Hmm. That was interesting....
404?!? Really?!?...
Hmm. The old platform did this, how come we can't do that here...?
What's the HTML code for....?
Oh, what the heck! I'm going for it...!

In other words, normal stuff for the first day of a new platform. 
So we are learning and fixing things as we go. Already we've received some donations, and this helps because while we lived for years with an out-of-date publishing platform and had to hold together the old site with spit and airplane glue, now we have a platform that is both up to date and with which can (with the resources the donations bring us) make changes. 
It's been amazing how many people are really wrapped up in what we are doing. All the good feedback tells us that many in the Episcopal Church (and elsewhere) are rooting for us to succeed. I am praising God for that witness.

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