Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Normal for the time of year

Updated: I want to echo Mark Harris in congratulating the hard-working team at T19 for finding this gem. I think the many uses of Anglican Chant in presenting the news should be explored. I suggest ESPN be next.

I agree, Kendall and T19 elves. We should pay attention to the "Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously Department" whenever possible. Thanks!

Update: I have posted another work by the Master Singers. The Highway Code, Part One.


altar ego said...

This is fabulous, and lovely levity in a day crammed with too many things to get done. Ah, a breath of good, soggy British air... I may just have to post this on my own blog!

Andrew Gerns said...

I think you should post it. Especially since I lifted from T19 via Preludium. So glad you enjoyed it! Blessings! a+