Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More from the Suffragan Bishop of Baseball

The Suffragan Bishop for Baseball has posted the following rubrics for the observation of baseball in the Episcopal Church:
Every game is a double-header. The early game is played by National League rules. The later game is played by American League rules.

Before the game, we sing the National Anthem. All four verses.

The most popular seats are in the back. If you come late, you may have to sit immediately behind the plate or one of the dugouts.

Our team does not rush organizational decisions. We have had an interim manager for three years.

Every month or two, the team wears a different color.

Even though not much happens in most games, we are always standing up and sitting down.

During the “seventh inning stretch” half of us stay standing at our seats and the other half make elaborate circuits around the ballpark, greeting their fellow game-goers.

The concession stand is quiet for most of the day, but is mobbed at the conclusion of the game.
These rubrics are adapted from those promulgated by Mark MacGougan, who is said to be “One of the Top 50 Episcopal Liturgical Comedians in Central Connecticut.”

Mission work is an essential part of Episcopal baseball. The following is a worthy example:


Fr Craig said...

tears in eyes. Proves my belief that we are all basically good people. thanks, Andy

PseudoPiskie said...

Hee. This requires a link.